3 Tips to excel the Click per Second Test

There are very few things in our lives, that allow us to break our monotonous routines, and playing games is surely one of them. The sheer feeling of fun and adventure that one gets while playing games is just so incredible.

There are different types of games and everyone likes to play according to their choice and preferences. And one of the most enjoyable games is the kohi click test. Basically, it counts your clicks made on a computer mouse over a specified time frame.

How to Nail the CPS Test

Hola Gamers! You might have excelled in the adventure, speed, and racing games, but the one type of game that you just can’t get better at is that clicker test, right? But worry not, with the proper guidance and enough understanding, you’ll get this fun game under your belt as well. Just read these below-mentioned tips and nail that game perfectly!

Hold Your Mouse Perfectly

This is one of the most basic yet important tricks to get maximum clicks. Many people do not hold the mouse with a proper grip and they end up getting very few clicks. But don’t make that mistake. The mouse is your base for the index finger. The stronger the base is, the better results you’ll get. Fit your palm perfectly to the mouse, keep your wrist steady and go for the hit! If the finger gets the required support, the clicks will automatically increase with time!

Keep Your Eyes Glued To The Computer Screen

We perceive most of our impressions by the means of our eyesight, they are undoubtedly the most important organs of the human body. And in the CPS test, you got to keep those organs practically glued to your computer screens. Because, sometimes what happens is, you pay all your attention to the mouse that you either end up dwelling too much on it that your speed slows down or you keep clicking outside of the given space, and your clicks get wasted. In either of the cases, you will end up losing or not getting enough clicks. Thus, multitasking is your key here. Focus on the mouse and focus on the screen as well. This way, you can easily get your desired results.

person sitting on computer

Move the Idex Finder with a Falcon’s Speed

Your index finger is your ultimate weapon to nailing this game. Think about it, your finger is like a lead character, the fate of your test result is totally dependent on how fast your finger moves. So, move them as fast as you can and just keep moving them for 10, 30, or 60 seconds. (whatever your selected time period is.) It is really as simple as that, the faster you move your index finger, the more clicks you get!

Thus, next time that you think of playing this game, keep our tips in mind and you’ll be unstoppable in your way of getting maximum clicks!