Beware! Disney Plus Accounts are Being Hacked and Sold Online!

Disney Plus Accounts Hacked!

Disney Plus was launched on November 12th and right after the launch, there were many glitches in the streaming services. And this resulted in many errors that users faced while tried to access their Disney Plus accounts. The most popular error was code 83 which was reported by many users on Twitter and many other forums as well.

If you’re a Disney+ user, then it’s time that you change your password right away! The recent news about Disney Plus accounts being hacked have surfaced online and a lot of those accounts are on sale online for a cheaper price.

While there is no official confirmation from Disney Plus regarding the hack and they denied that their servers were not hacked. Instead, they responded that that might be the something behind the scenes of DarkWeb world.

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Be it it anything, your accounts are not at risk and they can be hacked at any point of time. To make sure that your account is compromised with the suspicious activity, you must change your password right away!

Hacked Accounts Sold Online?

There are evidences by several major publications that these hacked accounts are been sold online at cheaper prices as compared to the original Disney Plus subscription prices. So if you come across any such sellers, report it directly to the Disney Plus officials so that they can find the root cause and take necessary action.

Many have reported error code 86 and this pops up in your account when there is suspicious activity. If you see such error code ever again, make sure that your switch your Disney Plus account with a new password.

Besides this, many users are getting error code 83 as reported by GeniusGeeks. Of course, the error can be fixed by various ways, it’s always recommended to stay on a safer side by checking your Disney Plus account for error 86.

Final Verdict!

Overall, we can say that Disney Plus has going to change the way we watch movies and shows online but the fear of getting your account hacked will be always around after this news. Stay tuned to SpywareRemovalBlog for more such updates on Disney+ news. We will update more as we get further information.